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Pilates targets the whole body, correcting muscle asymmetries and weaknesses which are often the cause of pain.

Integrative Wellness Staff
All of the instructors at Integrative Wellness have completed Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs incorporating classical and contemporary approaches to Pilates through Core Dynamics, Polestar, PhysicalMind, Stott, BASI and Fletcher Pilates® 

Katia Miniovich
Katia Miniovich is a certified Pilates instructor as well as a massage therapist. She was first introduced to Pilates when dancing in Denver Colorado as a way to rehabilitate an injured ankle. Katia has been teaching Pilates since 1999. She has taught Pilates in a variety of settings including private studios, physical therapy clinics, health clubs, and corporate settings as part of employee wellness programs in Canada and the United States.

Katia completed her teacher training program at the Stott Pilates International Training Centre in Toronto, Canada. After moving to the United States she opened Integrative Wellness Studio in Alexandria, Virginia. Katia went on to complete the Core Dynamics Pilates teacher training program under the direction of Michele Larsson in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Katia’s studio has been approved as a mentoring studio for training teachers in the Core Dynamics Pilates program.

Katia has gone on to do continuing education with Michele Larsson - Pilates for Scoliosis, Karen Clippinger – Pilates for Dancers and is also a Licensed Ron Fletcher Towelwork® teacher.

Jennifer Smythe Corney 

Jennifer has worked in New York City and the Washington, DC area as a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and educator for over 20 years. First introduced to Pilates while living in New York and intrigued by the benefits that Pilates provided, she went on to study with PhysicalMind Institute. She is fully certified in both Pilates Mat and Reformer/Apparatus and has studied with both contemporary and classical Pilates teachers.

She is a Certified Pilates Teacher through Pilates Method Alliance, a PhysicalMind Certified Instructor and a licensed Ron Fletcher Towelwork® Provider. Jennifer is a pre/post natal Pilates teacher and a post-rehabilitative breast cancer exercise specialist. She brought the first Balanced Body Pilates education host site to the DC area in 2009 and traveled on behalf of Balanced Body as an educator.

Elissa Di Carlo

Elissa became interested in Pilates as way of rehabilitating her own injuries. She began her apprenticeship with Katia as part of the Core Dynamics Teacher training Program in 2006 and has been teaching since 2008. She is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.

Elissa brings her knowledge as a licensed physical therapist with 22 years of experience to her Pilates teaching. She has worked with a variety of populations during her career including those with orthopedic, spinal, neurological and oncological conditions. She is a NATA certified athletic trainer and has worked with athletes of all ages. Elissa also specializes in breast cancer rehabilitation and is a Le Duc certified lymphedema therapist. Elissa shares her time between IWP and Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy in Washington, DC. She is an adjunct faculty member at the George Washington University in the School of Exercise Science.

In addition to Pilates, Elissa also enjoys hiking, yoga, skiing, and is a competitive Masters Rower.

Carol Goldberg
BASI Pilates

Banna Dunn
PhysicalMind Institute

IntegrativeWellness Pilates
Examples of conditions that can respond well to Pilates-based rehabilitation:
Postural problems                                             
Low back pain/injury
Disc dysfunction
Hip pain/injury
SI pain/injury
Knee, ankle, or foot pain/injury
Thoracic outlet
Rotator cuff pain/injury
Elbow pain/injury
Wrist pain/injury
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Poor balance/coordination